Google Analytics. From traffic data and audience demographics to site behavior and conversion tracking, there is a wealth of data that can be used to ensure your website is meeting your goals.


Google AdWords Advertise your Business on Google. Google Adwords is an advertising platform which can be used to bring more traffic to your website.


It is important to be seen on the internet. You can have a great business but If people do not see nor find you, what does it profit you? I help you to be found online.

Who I am. What I Do

I’m Bachmors and I was born in Barcelona.I studied phylosophy, aesthetic and filmmaking. Now I’m living in Madrid 

I create and design websites, I use metric tools and I design advertising campaigns

What People Say About me

Capimans has built the best website to sell my work. It has a functional and clear design. With the use of metrics I have an analysis of the users who visit my website and I can measure what interests most of my work.
This pressing need of the painter to offer a definitive explanation for the ambiguous. The visibility on the internet has allowed me to expand my business options. A luminous design with a control is the best balance between the image and the numbers.
Capimans has developed and implemented a qualified online positioning strategy for URBANSTORE . With an outstanding work capacity and dedication. With great knowledge of Google analytics, Adwords, GTM, Google shopping ... the application of these tools to our business allows a total measurement of our website that allows to make decisions correctlyFor your online positioning I recommend Capimans as the best option.

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